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Daily Pix from the Columbus Mopar Nationals!!!
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Hot Pics from the NATS: Daily Pics from the Columbus Mopar Nationals!!! Quick-pix below...  Disclaimer: we put together this page from photos we snapped on-scene at the 'Nats in Columbus, Ohio; not our personal stuff; if you see cars or people you need to know more about, chances are that you're out of luck! 

This new screamer is named "Copperhead" --maybe the Viper started something. (Too bad the Sidewinder didn't make an appearance.)
We don't get it. But this silly-looking thing turned so many heads driving around town, we had to include it here.
Even just walking through a motel parking lot was a treat!

 This pink powerhouse is as cool as they come. 
This is about the only view a competitor would get --this car was fast! 





It must be driving around town in such a great car that generates this great smile!



Brice Road Cruisin' on Friday night (note the spectators--this was before the street got  crowded). Then Saturday night saw thousands of people lined up on the street ...what a party!
Friday night on Brice Road--and the pink powerhouse from above, in motion. (This picture reminds me of the "...Everything Else is a Blur ..." T-shirts we see around.)




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