Where has the summer gone? It's already October, time to harvest the Giant Pumpkins!!!
Here are some Giant Pumpkin pictures from the Huntsburg Pumpkin Festival in Huntsburg, Ohio and from this year's GPC World Weighoff held at Parks Garden Center in Canfield, Ohio.

Here we are posing with Mike's second-biggest pumpkin--it weighed "only" 720 pounds, and took second place at the Huntsburg Pumpkin Festival.

Here's Mike standing behind his best pumpkin this year--775.5 pounds, entered at the World Weighoff in Canton.

Here's Mike with his third-biggest pumpkin from this year's crop, also entered at the World Weighoff in Canton..

Here's a partial shot of the Giant Pumpkin Weighoff results board--boy, those were some BIG pumpkins!

Here are group pictures of the Giant Pumpkin Weighoff winners. Quite a crowd!

This carved pumpkin (with gourds for eyes) at the giant pumpkin weighoff was not a judged entry, it was just for fun. And it looked so neat that we had to take a picture of it.

OK, these are not pumpkins. But hey, when you see watermelons that weigh nearly 200 pounds each, you just gotta snap a picture!