Michele & Jim's Bios

Don't get all excited here. This area is a tough one and will be under construction forever.

We live in Willowick, Ohio (that's about 15 miles east of Cleveland) with our dog, Brutus, our oversized vegetable garden, and our classic Mopars. Brutus is a miniature poodle who doesn't know it. This year's garden was unceremoniously shoved in the ground the day before we went out of town on a trip, and is still trying to recover from the insult. The cars are a beautiful 1970 Dodge Challenger, a mint 1971 Chrysler Newport, and an ever-changing array of "other Mopars" bought as transportation and/or project cars--keep an eye on our "Classic Cars" page for a link to our latest project: a needy '62 Plymouth with a history.

Here's Jim shopping for a digital camera at a local computer/electronics store--a real danger zone for a couple of gadget-zealots like us. What the T-shirts say about "price of toys" holds true; our only salvation is that at least we bargain-hunt, too. Jim is an electronics engineer at a local industrial controls engineering and manufacturing firm, Bailey Controls Co.* in Wickliffe, Ohio. He has been there longer than Bill Gates has been alive (and you thought you could escape from Microsoft references!).

Michele is maintaining a Cleveland-area satellite office for EmergiTech*, a Reynoldsburg, Ohio-based computer company serving the public safety market. She is a Toastmasters and Lions Club member (and has the dubious honor of doing the grunt work maintaining these web pages).

We do the usual summer suburb kind of stuff, visiting the local festivals, trying to get a lawn into shape (we're sandwiched in between two overachieving yards), barbequeing in the back yard, and dumping unreasonable amounts of time & money into home improvements. That is, of course, when we're not attending computer or car shows.

Jim's two grown sons live nearby, each in his own home in Euclid, Ohio. They caught the "car bug" from their father early in life, and do even more "car stuff" than we do!

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